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Couples Counseling

Whether you'd just like to come in for a tune up, or you are in a crises, couples therapy can provide a space to uncover and explore what you need and what you want from your partner. 

No matter how much you love your partner, often it can feel like you are both speaking a different language to one another, and that can often leave you feeling frustrated and stuck. 

I use emotionally focused therapy (EFT) to help couples discover what they want and need from their relationships, how they want to be loved, how to express their needs to one another, how to tolerate each other’s emotions and be able to hear one another without shutting down, and how to unblock and solve conflict in a healthy and healing way.

Some Reasons Couples Seek Therapy

Balance (Work/Life/Family)

Blended Families

Chronic Illness

Coping with a new baby

Divorce and/or Separation

Extended Family



Mental Illness


Religious Concerns/Discrepancies


Betrayal and Infidelity



Feelings of Inadequacy

Intimacy, Sexual Dissatisfaction

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