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Trauma often leaves us feeling stuck, exhausted and unfulfilled. It can also accompany more serious emotional or behavioral symptoms, physical and mental pain, fear, confusion, and/or post-traumatic stress.

Therapy can help you cope with and resolve the disturbing experiences and pain that are causing you distress. Treatment can leave you feeling more in control, less alone, and often heal the parts of yourself that leave you feeling anxious, alone and sometimes even paralyzed.

Shana provides a protective, safe and pressure free environment. She often utilizes a mix of Ego State Therapy, Psycho-education, Janina Fisher Techniques and Mindfulness to help patients access their strengths, feel more present, and heal the parts inside that are causing pain and stress. 

Here is a link to a really helpful article on the impact of Trauma for more info:


Trauma Symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • Working endlessly to avoid certain areas, sights, settings, or sounds that may remind you of what happened to you

  • Anxiety, depression, numbness, or guilt

  • Intrusive thoughts

  • Nightmares

  • Flashbacks

  • Anger, irritability and hypervigilance

  • Violent, uncontrolled behavior

  •  Self-harm

  • Trouble going to sleep, and staying asleep

  • Trouble focusing, feeling calm, having the motivation to perform simple activities like brushing your teeth, going out, or getting dressed

  • Trouble with memory when it comes to the trauma itself

  • Feelings of Rejection and Worthlessness

  • Shame

  • Social Anxiety or Phobia

Trauma Treatment

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